My Vision 360

Welcome to video ophthalmology


My Vision 360 is the first tele-ophthalmology real-time videoconferencing platform. This is an innovative solution provided by e-Health bringing together conventional optometry practice and remote ophthalmology screening (telemedicine).


Technology solutions adapted to the world of optics

What is My Vision 360?


My Vision 360 is a real-time videoconferencing tele-ophthalmology platform.

It offers the following features:

  • ruling out pathologies
  • remote check-ups and screening
  • drawing on captured images
  • valid for both anterior and posterior poles
  • adjusted to all types of instrumental

e-Health vision notes that tele-consultations do not, under any circumstances, substitute physical consultations and it recommends a yearly check-up with an ophthalmologist..

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How does it work?


My Vision 360 operates using group videoconferencing software, offering exceptional video and voice quality to share images and data easily and safely in real time. An additional advantage is that no prior computer knowledge is required.
Opticians can share documents, theirentire screen or images of any tools used in consultations at any time and in real time (including the images they are viewing on their slit lamp), and ophthalmologists or contact lens laboratory technicians can work remotely using the application or image being shared (e.g., a drawing on images orcaptured images).
All of the above thanks to the technology support of GMV, a flagship Spanish multinational in the telecommunications world. Supplier of NASA and the European Space Agency.
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